My Cousin Jerome

Last time I stopped by mentioning my cousin. His name is Jerome, a biblical name. He comes every 2 weeks to visit me with my aunt and uncle. He has started walking now and that is a real scene to watch because the way he walks, he walks as if he is a drunkard, falling in between, getting up again walking and every now and then he comes near me to watch what I am doing. His main attraction to come towards my cradle is my mouth soothner which my papa brought for me from abroad. I have been using this since I have been 10 days old and so now I need this to be used whenever I feel sleepy. This is what Jerome wants, since the soothner is always inside my cradle he always comes to my cradle and takes it out from my mouth during my sleep and try to put into his mouth, and my granny's job is to boil this more than 20 times a day so that I could use it to sleep.

When Jerome starts walking it provokes me to run around and play with him but what to do I am running just 5 months old and so needs some more time before my bones and legs are strong enough for me to walk. But after a few months for sure when he comes I will be able to play with him and run around with him, and this is the day that I am waiting for.

Today my mom played for me and for him a few rhymes which I am going to include so that you guys too could enjoy it.

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