Passage of Time

I am not aware how time passed off so fast? I cant imagine almost 4 months passed since I was born. During this time I have started to smile, recognize people, fixed time to sleep, eat, change my food started eating semi solid good, put up wt, am fair now,l got a number of dresses from my mom who whenever she goes out brings in a lots of things for me.

And my papa who calls or comes online most of the days to see me in cam though my mom sends my photos everyday morning to him. I know now that he is missing me a lot and me him, but this is life that's what my mom says to me. I know after a few days she too will leave me and go for work, but I am not sad because they both are doiing all this just for me. And also I am happy because they are leaving me in the care of my granny and grandpa for sure will take good care of me since I am their son's only son. Though I have a cousin almost 1 year elder to me. To say about him he is very very naughty when ever he sees me he wants to pull my eyes, ears, nose, and what not he itself does not what to do with me since he thinks I am a doll for him to play with.


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