My growth

I hope you guys must have enjoyed the songs which i had posted last time. I love them and my mom plays them for me every now and then. Today I have lots and lots of things to say. Let me start with me itself, a happy news for my papa and mom this week was that I turned on my own and started lying on my stomach and truly saying I realy enjoy that and wants to lie like that every now and then and my granny is worried that it mihgt cause me some health problems and she tries to turn me and put me on my back and so i gets angry and sometimes sad because she does not know how much I like it and with how much difficulty i am turning myself.

The next happy news is that today when I saw my papa on webcam he has turned really young and started losing weight because he has finally started going to the gym which my mom wanted him to do so from very long time but he was keeping on delaying all the time giving some excuses or the other but finaly he has started to go and my mom is very happy to hear that.

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