A long gap

Hey guys,
Sorry that it's been a long time since we had a chat. I had taken a long gap but you know there have been lots of changes that had happened during this time. I have started to sit, crawl and walking little by little. I know my papa and mumma are very excited to see them even i too miss them very badly because they are very far away from me.

Even I have started talking now like papa, mumma etc. My grand parents have even started complaining that I am becoming naughty day by day. Even lots of changes have happened in me. My face has started to change little by little. The main thing my granny complaints about me is that I am lazy in having foo, in a sense that is true, but why don't they understand even that time i could use to play instead of having food. I hope my parents were here. I know how much i miss them, even my granny told me how my papa cried on hearing me calling him papa and when he saw my photo where I am sitting but what to do they are miles away from me. I hope to go there soon to meet them.

Hey guys will come back tomorrow today have got to leave ok byee

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