June 4th 2008 - The D Day

June 4th was the doom day when I came to this world. I do not well remember anything about the day but I can read my mom's mind and know what she feels so I can tell you. Though my expected day of arrival was June 19th, two weeks prior to that my mom was admitted to the hospital in one of the districts of Kerala. No I am not mentioning the place where I was born let it remain a secret.

Now my mom will speak: On June 4th early morning I came to hospital to admit myself and for my delivery, I was not alone my in-laws were with me. I reached hospital by about 6 in the morning as soon as I arrived I was taken to the delivery room and completed the necessity formalities and prepared me for the delivery during this time my in laws or rather Chachan(papa) and Mummy was waiting eagerly to see the baby. By about 1 'O'Clock in the afternoon I was taken to the operation theatre and after a few minutes Dr showed me a doll like fair little cutie pie covered with blood and told me "it's a baby boy about 3.050 Kg. After the operation i was taken to the ICU were I remained till 5 pm.

This is what my mom has to say, now it's my turn once again. So I was handed over my grandpa and grandma after a vaccination oof it really aches when thinking of it. They took care of me until my mama was brought to the room in the evening. She was half unconscious at that time. And after sometime my grandpa left for home leaving all three of us in the hospital. And the first day I was really noisy and crying the whole night not letting my mom and granny to sleep. And this was the routine for almost the next 5 days in the hospital.

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