My papa's arrival

So after coming from hospital started my real bath with oil, soap and hotwater after which my granny dresses me up by putting powder, cream and makes sure that i look handsome. Thus passed the days until June 14th the day on which I saw my papa for the first time. He arrrived at night on that day when I was sleeping but later I saw the photographs he had taken on the day when he arrived. That was the day when I saw my mom's face shining brightly with happiness on seeing my papa. So from then on I startes sleeping with my papa and mama waking them from sleep every now and then and disturbing and troubling them prompting them to change my nappies every 5 minutes.

From June 15th the very next day of my papa's arrival he was carrying me in his arms all the time never handing me over to anyone, taking my photographs, kissing me, talking to me and I could see how happy he was. On June 16th I went on a long journey or rather my first journey with my parents in car, during which time i was sleeping most of the time not knowing how far we had gone and returned back only at about 12 in the night. On that day my papa brought me a gift - a cradle so that his Junior will have a sound sleep everyday and a few dresses for me.

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