The Most Happiest Lady

For the next one month I could see one of the most happiest lady in this world, my mom. My papa being beside her I could make out how happy she was always with a sweet smile and my papa taking care of her as if she is the most precious of all things in this world. He made sure that there is not a single drop of tears in her eyes and brought her whatever she wanted. For the next one month he was always near us all the time. It was during that time my granny and grandpa had to go to attend some function to a far off place and so all three of us were left alone. Those days my papa helped my mama to do all the household works and also taking so good care of me that he never let me sleep alone but carrying me most of the time. At times I used to get annoyed and angry and cry out loudly when my papa used to disturd me from sleep by taking me in his hands, but now when I think I know it is all because of his love for me. My papa is one of the best and papa in the world and the most loving and caring husband to my mama one could find in this world.

During this one month period upto July 14th there was not a single day that he has not taken my photograph. He captured each and every single moment or expressions I made during that time. Thus the days passed of very soon and finally the day came when my papa had to go back for his job. That day I could remember very well how from the previous night my mama started crying and crying until he left the next day afternoon. She was like hugging me and crying like anything and I think I saw a bit a tears in papa's eyes too, but he made it sure that no one saw it but I could see how he was crying deep inside. He left finally promising to take me and mama from here as soon as I could start of having other food rather than my mother's milk.

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